Collecting memories.

I take photos to help me remember the individual moments. The ones I want to last, and experience more fully. Photos are one of the ways I collect memories. I had company with me on this trip to the dunes. My two favorite people in the world. I took photos of them too, as we played in the sand, and I know just where they were outside the frame of this shot. It was a great day… How do you collect memories?

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Stop overthinking.

This is Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s several hours from home for me, and the perfect distance for a long drive listening to music, when I just need to clear my head and forget the craziness of the world. On offer: a scenic drive, winding roads, great hiking trails, serenity… There are certain places you go back to, time and again. This is one of those for me. Why? Just because. Sometimes the reasons we do things make sense to anyone and everyone, and sometimes there is simply no sense to be had. Rationalize as we may, reason has nothing to do with it… but we do them anyway. Instinct? Need? Addiction? Habit? Does it even really matter? I don’t believe it does. Not everything needs a reason, an explanation, a justification, but the demand for rationalization has been such a constant […]

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Live a great story.

THNN - Tree Huggin' Nature Nerd

I spent way too much time thinking about what my first post on this blog adventure should be. How do I introduce you to me, to my story? A deep, important message, that lets you know who I really am, and what I am all about, perhaps. But, the longer I thought about what to write, and tried to settle on the perfect words, the more I realized that was entirely the wrong approach. My story isn’t a grand novel, with perfectly phrased prose, penned on gilded pages. It’s an album of short, messy, episodic vignettes. Doodles sketched in the margins. Sunsets and butterflies and bubbles on a windy day. Football and baseball games with nachos and popcorn. Brief moments, special people, and little things that make me laugh… And this is one such story. This weekend, one of my favorite people referred to me as a “Tree Huggin’ Nature […]

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