Time flies.

gravel trail surrounded by sagebrush heading toward horizon between red rock hills

Ever have times when days, weeks, and months zoom by faster than you can blink, and when you look back on them, you wonder “What did I actually accomplish?!” Yeah, me too.

It’s way too easy to be hard on ourselves for the things we didn’t check off our to-do lists and feel like “I got NOTHING done!” when in reality, we’ve accomplished quite a lot. So, here’s my personal reality check, to remind myself what I have accomplished:

I often feel there is more I should be doing. I enjoy staying active. At the same time, I accept the truth of the old adage “less is more” so I try to find balance between boredom and frenzy, and try to make sure that my activities possess at least a modicum of meaning, a pittance of purpose, a fraction of function (… and by the way I love alliteration!)

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