Mastered it.

When I began writing these stories, I did so with the grand intention of posting weekly, which was an entirely silly notion, given that I already had enough writing on my plate. Though, I managed to stay active over on Instagram, this little outlet got put on hold while I worked on my master’s degree research and writing my thesis. It’s not that I’ve had nothing to write about – I have plenty – it’s just that even though I love reading/writing, I can only do so much of it in a day, and work and school had to come first.

On May 11, 2020 I will graduate with my Master of Arts in Communication. I am really proud of my accomplishments: 4.0 GPA; defended my thesis and received 100% / high distinction; and most importantly, I learned some really important things.

But these are strange times, and celebrations are different for those graduating this year. We cannot walk in a grand ceremony, and give one another celebratory hugs for our shared successes. There will be no big parties with friends and family, no excessive laughter and drinking into the night. I almost feel guilty celebrating “digitally”. Except… my thesis revolved around mirth – the positive emotion associated with humor – and the way it functions independently to help broaden our thinking, accept new ideas, and even create stronger relationship bonds. So, I know that it has value even when dealing with serious subjects, and in serious times. That’s why it’s important that we celebrate in the small ways we can! I will participate in the online graduation ceremonies, send out announcements to family and friends, and enjoy my graduation day with my family at home, among other things. I’m all about the little things anyway.

Happy graduation to all in the Class of 2020!
Congratulations on your accomplishments!

Watch my thesis defense presentation on YouTube.

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